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  • Model Number: 100-06-00

This giftable kit has all the makings of a lush, living terrarium. Just add your favorite plant, and cultivate an indoor garden that will flourish throughout the year. Perfect for adding a slice of nature to any desktop or coffee table. Keep those beauties thriving with simple assembly and minimal maintenance. Charming hand-illustrated packaging makes this a lovely gift.

  • Manufacturer: Netherland Bulb

Green foliage and an upright stem support a ball of white florets enjoyed indoors. These Narcissus have been treated so that you can plant them indoors in a 6" planter and enjoy their sweet scent this winter.

  • Manufacturer: Netherland Bulb

Amaryllis have become increasingly popular holiday gift plants, undoubtedly because the bulbs bloom very freely indoors and they are affordable. The large, showy flowers make a bold statement and are available in an increasing variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that fit almost any taste. Amaryllis are not difficult to grow and may be brought into bloom every year if the plants are treated correctly.


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Kimmel's Anthracite Nut Coal 50lb $6.99

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Premium nut anthracite coal that provides warmth and comfort for domestic and commercial establishments in a clean, efficient, cost effective and environmentally effective manner.
Valid: 11/02/2017 - 11/30/2017
Offered By: Domina's Agway