Chick Pre-Order 2019!

Chick Order

***Order Deadline: March 30, 2019***

All Birds MUST Be Picked Up Within 2 Days Of Call (We will call you when the orders are in)

CHICKS (All Hens) SKU 420-00277

Easter Eggers (All Hens) SKU 420-00677 March-May

Specialty Breeds (Straight Run Only) SKU 420-00477 April-May

Fancy Breed (All Hens) SKU 420-00877 March-May

Rare Breed (All Hens) SKU 420-00878 April-May

Crested Breeds (Straight Run Only) SKU 420-00879 April-May

Buff, Silver, Golden Laced, White, Black Polish, Assorted Crested Polish

Ducklings (Straight Run Only) SKU 420-00377 March-May

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