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Pond Maintenance

Maintenance Programs

Services Included in Package
(Supplies Additional)
Gate Keeper (Bi-Monthly)* Pond Guardian (Monthly) Concierge Service
Butler Service (Weekly)*
Empty Debris Net/Basket frog frog frog frog
Clean Skimmer Filter Mat (as needed) frog frog frog frog
Check Underwater Lights frog frog frog frog
Replace Bulbs (as needed no charge for bulbs     frog frog
Check Pump for Proper Flow frog frog frog frog
Check & Adjust Automatic Water Fill Valve (if applicable) frog frog frog frog
Trim & Remove Dead Plants/Leaves frog frog frog frog
Fertilize Water Lilies (Free)     frog frog
Add Rock/Gravel (Free)     frog frog
Add Beneficial Bacteria       frog
Add AlgeaFix/Liquid Barley       frog
Add S.A.B. Extreme       frog
Add EcoCarbon (as needed)       frog
Install Net Over Pond in Early Fall       frog
Perform Fall Shutdown       frog
Party Package Included (does not include decorative items)       frog

All maintenance packages must have an annual spring clean out performed before starting these services. All packages are for ponds up to 25' x 25', 2' deep. Larger ponds will require a quote. Prices may vary depending on geographic location and any additional travel time will be based on the closest retail location. (Domina's Agway, Portsmouth RI or Something Fishy Inc., Warwic, RI) If Domina's Agway or Something Fishy did not install your pond or has never serviced your pond in the past, an on-site consultation will be required to establish you as a new customer.

*Pond Packages 1, 2, & 3 are offered in-season and/or year around. Package 4 is a year-round program only and billed monthly.

Party Package

Do you do a lot of entertaining in your backyard? Is your pond one of the main reasons your friends and coworkers invite themselves over for a night of dinner and drinks on the patio? Then have we got a deal for you! Domina's Agway is pleased to introduce the Party Package. We'll give your pond a facelift for your next party, allowing you to focus on the rest of your party details!

We'll come to visit your home approximately one month before the party to assess what needs to be done, and come back the week prior to your event, getting it ready for its debut! Here are the basic maintenance tasks we'll be checking and/or performing on your pond in time for the big party:

  • Mulch and weed areas directly around pond
  • Clear up water
  • Get rid of all debris
  • Add rock/gravel as needed
  • Trim plants
  • Check and/or replace lights
  • Tweak waterfalls
  • Disguise biofalls filter & skimmer

All we ask for is to be notified one month in advance so we can have the crew and materials available to make your pond look its best. So plan that party and keep in mind that Domina's Agway is here to make your watery wonderland gorgeous just in time for the big event!

* Annual cleanout must have already been completed. Please contact us for pricing.

Spring Clean Out

Typically completed in March or April, see our Spring Cleanout Guide for details.

Fall Shutdown & Inspection Only

Typically completed in October or November. Fall shut downs include removing the pump for winter storage, cutting back plants, draining water lines on the pond and automatic water fill valve (if applicable), and adding a heater and air pump.

Netting Service

Typically completed in October or November. In the month of September we will cover your entire pond with a net to prevent the October foliage from spoiling the pond!

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