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Pond Cleanout & Maintenance Services

Before you jump into the process of cleaning your pond, consider the possibility of hiring a professional. As a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor, Domina's Agway offers pond maintenance and cleaning services. Whether you clean your pond or hire a professional is really a matter of personal preference.

If you do it yourself, you can mark it down for your daily exercise, you can be proud of what you've done, and you can learn a little more about what's lurking beneath the water. Sometimes it isn't pretty, but isn't that the beauty of pond ecology?

Now if you decide to have it done by a professional that you know and trust, you have the confidence to know it's going to be done right, taking little or no time away from your day. Plus, if a professional happens to be washing out the filter media and finds a problem, they can address it right there. The trained eye of our Pond Guys could even prevent a problem before it occurs.

So, will you go for the personal satisfaction of cleaning out your pond or will you trade your hip boots in for the TV remote and let the Pond Guys at Domina's Agway do the work for you? The choice is yours.

Aquascape's Spring Cleanout How To Video

Pond Cleanout Services Pondless Cleanout Services
Drain pond Drain pondless
Place fish in holding container/aerate Remove debris from pondless
Remove debris from pond Power wash rocks & gravel
Power wash rocks & gravel Reposition rocks & gravel
Reposition rocks & gravel Rinse pondless
Rinse pond Fix settling edges as needed
Fix settling edges as needed Clean Biofalls
Clean skimmer Trim and/or divide aquatic plants
Clean Biofalls Remove decaying/dying aquatic plants
Clean filter mats Check all underwater lights/reset transformer
Clean bog filter (if applicable) Start filling pond (leave hose on trickle)
Trim and/or divide aquatic plants  
Remove decaying/dying aquatic plants  
Check all underwater lights  
Check IonGen probe  
De-chlorinate water  
Diagnose any potentially sick fish  
Acclimate & re-introduce fish into pond  
Reconnect pump  
Start filling pond (leave hose on trickle)

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